Gosh, where to start… I’m sure Mary Kate has already put info on her website concerning her credentials for why she is qualified, but what she might not be able to say is that she is the bomb! She was my secret weapon for applying to both dental school and for residency programs! She has so much experience and knowledge about the application processes, interview systems, academic requirements and curriculums of so many programs (i.e. pre-med, pre-dent, pre-health, etc.) not only from her multiple masters in different graduate programs and her job as a pre-health advisor (HUGE selling point!!) but also from her teaching experience and working in the pharmaceutical industry. Of all the students I know that she has mentored to achieve their goals to be a dentist, physician, lawyer, social worker, etc, she has a success rate of 100% (another HUGE selling point!)

Basically, the moment you meet Mary Kate, she is in your corner. She will get to know you on a personal level so that she knows and understands why you want to become a lawyer, physician, dentist, pharmacist, social worker, etc.—and then she helps you to better know and understand, too. You might think you know, and maybe you do, but she has a way of seeing with so much clarity. It’s so helpful. The moment she gets to know you, she will fight with you to help put your best foot forward to accomplish that goal—whether it’s deciding what classes to take in undergrad, how to list shadowing experiences on your application, to writing your personal statement, and to prepping for interviews! It’s not too early or too late to consult with Mary Kate! (Ha! That rhymed!)

For my personal statement, I thought it would take me a couple weeks to write a decent one. I’m not a great writer (which is why I did the bare minimum for the writing requirements) and that’s how long my other classmates were saying it took them to write. Nope! Working with Mary Kate, it took me over 2 months! And I’m not saying that as a bad thing! It is because she is so dedicated, that she wanted me to push myself to truly understand my own motivations and have my statement perfect. And it was! I remember talking with my other mentors/dentists/professors who wrote me recommendation letters for applying, and they had nothing but good things to say about it. In addition, I actually used pieces of my dental school application personal statement for my residency application personal statement. That document got even more compliments from my dental school faculty who wrote me recommendation letters. That’s because I used all of the advice that Mary Kate gave me and I applied it. I also allotted enough time to write that statement since I learned my lesson the first time. My faculty were saying things like, “best personal statement that I have ever read from a student applying to residency”, and “I was able to learn everything about why you wanted to do residency, why you are good fit for the residency, etc. from that short statement, and that’s very hard to accomplish.”

And the benefits of working with Mary Kate don’t stop there. I have been able to be an interviewer for Michigan Dental School for the past two years. The skills that I used to interview, I learned from Mary Kate. I used everything that I learned from my own dental school interview prep while I conducted the interviews. I have even done interview prep for some of my close friends and classmates who were applying to medical school or residency programs. And all of them have asked where I learned all of my interviewing skills. You would be surprised by the things that Mary Kate will teach you and how well you will rock at being interviewed or interviewing in the future! I even carried over those techniques to my residency interviews. One of my close mentors sat down with me one-on–one and insisted on doing interview prep with me for my residency interviews. He asked me a handful of basic questions that every residency program asks. I answered all of his questions, and he responded with, “out of all of the students I have done this for, you have had the best responses. I am struggling to give you any feedback, because I don’t want you to change a thing. The programs will know you so well from the answers, that it’s perfect.” And after I was invited to interview at all of the programs that I applied to, I interviewed, and I have been accepted at my top choice for residency.

Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without Mary Kate. I was accepted into my top choice dental school and following that, my top choice residency program because of everything she did for me. But since applying to dental school, I have stayed in close contact with her.  Throughout dental school, and during the process of applying to residency programs, I have consulted her as mentor, but also as a friend.  I have referred to her multiple times as my “life coach.” I do so because since day one, she has been the best resource, mentor, and listener that I could have ever hoped for.

I’m not sure how I can further recommend Mary Kate anymore other than by saying, don’t put your future to chance. Team up with Mary Kate, have her fighting with you in your corner to help you accomplish your goals!  Janet, Ann Arbor, MI


I met Mary Kate as a pre-med student in undergrad when she was my academic advisor. I always had a positive experience working with her, and with her guidance, I was able to hone my passion for public service and social justice. As a result, I am now a practicing attorney and much happier with my academic and professional pursuits. Mary Kate is the whole package — she counsels the student and the spirit. I would recommend her services to everyone, whether you think you have things figured out already or whether you need a little direction.  Katherine, Chicago, IL


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