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Thinking of a Career in Healthcare?
Here’s an option you may not know about.

Thinking of becoming a doctor  Mary Kate Kopec.  The Best You PAL Academy.  Premed pre-dental advisor coach

Thinking of a career in healthcare?  Thinking of becoming a doctor?

Are you interested in what makes a person healthy?

Are you interested in getting to the root cause of illness?  Treating the illness rather than the symptoms?

Are you interested in how to help a person achieve wellness and improve their health?

Are you interested in primary care, family medicine, and integrative or functional medicine?  Then you might be interested in naturopathic medicine and becoming a naturopathic physician.  If so, you can learn more about this growing practice of medicine at The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

naturopathic doctor Mary Kate Kopec.  The Best You PAL Academy.  Premed pre-dental advisor coach

As ever and always, my best wishes to you for your happiness and success!

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Getting into Medical School: 3 Essential Steps

Are you dreaming of becoming a doctor, or a dentist?  If so, … good dream.  We need awesome, caring, wonderful healthcare givers, and if that is you, then we need you!  So how do you make this dream come true? Well, if I’m not wasting time sugar coating it … hard work.  Plain and simple. …

Failure … it’s an option on the road to happiness and success!

“Fall on your face.  Fail.  Fail spectacularly.  Because when you fail, you learn.  When you fail, you live.”  Harriet Lauler, The Last Word You can’t be perfect.  Nobody can. In life you can’t know everything.  You can’t predict everything. Failure is out there.  It happens at some point to everyone. But you can learn.  You…

You’ve Got This!!!

No matter what someone else has accomplished, they haven’t had to do it in your shoes. It’s an unfair (and frankly, irrelevant) comparison, so don’t beat yourself up by allowing yourself to feel that you are less or unworthy. That’s unkind to you, and if anybody should be being nice to you, it’s you. Love…

Does Life Actually Get Better?

These days, many of us are feeling down, depressed, scared, overwhelmed … all kinds of difficult to process and handle emotional states. Wouldn’t it just be lovely if life was one constantly wonderful breath of fresh air and everything going right?  But it isn’t, and it doesn’t.  That’s the nature of life in all of…

PINKitudes, POSitudes, COLORitudes, SUPPORTitudes And all around happy, successful SQUEE!

PINKitudes, POSitudes, COLORitudes, SUPPORTitudes And all around happy, successful SQUEE! NOW AVAILABLE at AMAZON by me, your happy, PINK-loving, SQUEE-at-heart sharer of smiles and feel good author, Mary Kate Kopec! You’re probably thinking Ohmigosh!!! All this SQUEEtastic, Happy, PINKalicious POSitive goodness is now in a book???  … Well, split a gigantic giggle-grin on my face…

Team: Go YOU!
Building your support team!!!

The life of a healthcare professional can be demanding.  And it all starts with the pre-health path.  Whether you are thinking of becoming a doctor or a dentist, the pathway of getting there requires significant time management skills and balance that you will likely always be striving for – what with all the coursework and…

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am thankful for you!!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving break!  I hope your weekend gives you time to rest, maybe even some quiet time to catch up on some studies before the final crunch toward finals, and for sure some good company and yummy eats!!!  Take a moment to relax and breathe it all in.  And…

Stress management to survive your final exams!!! SQUEEbie FREEbie how-to!!!

As the semester races toward winter break, stress levels can rise.  Final exams, projects, and papers can really start to loom large.  Time and stress management get harder and harder, and often, the first things to go are needed hours of sleep and nutritious food.  We go into command and conquer mode, determined to study…

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