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The Best You PAL Academy Mary Kate Kopec

Mary Kate Kopec
Principal Advisor and Educator
Consulting Pre-Health and General Academic Advisor

University of Michigan
MA, Educational Studies: Curriculum Development
MS, Human Genetics

Previously (among many other relevant things): highly seasoned and experienced Pre-Health and General Academic Advisor at the University of Michigan.  Thousands of students -  I’ve seen and heard it all!  And now I’m here to help you!!!

Welcome to my oh so cool brainchild:
The Best You PAL Academy!

“What is The Best You PAL Academy?” you ask.

The Best You PAL AcademyWell, first and foremost:  The Academy is designed with one single goal in mind:

To help you get into medical school (or dental, or other healthcare field) by providing you with the insightful, informative, and successful guiding preparation you need to Become the Best Shining You, so you can Stand Up, Stand Out, and Shine!  And GET IN!!!!

It’s simple.

When you join the Academy you get 24/7 convenient access to my online office.  I cover topics that span the full developmental path from initial preparation, growth, and development to the application cycle and beyond.

For instance, say you want to know what major makes you the most competitive.  Or what you should do if you’re struggling in your science courses.  Or where you should volunteer to make you the most competitive – how does one demonstrate altruism?  Maybe you need help writing your personal statement.  Or maybe you’re curious to know how med school admission committees evaluate applications?  Or how to interview … It’s in the Academy!

"How does Mary Kate share all of this uber helpful information with me?"

Primarily I work with you in video, video-audio-book, and printable workbook form.  Each question or topic area is answered and addressed in the multimedia form that best conveys its content.  Almost all have accompanying videos that can be minutes long (for short answer Q&A), to much longer…  For instance, included in your membership is the incredible and one-of-a-kind instructive and insightful classroom-in-a-book: How to Write the Best Medical School Personal Statement, Ever!

You’ll learn everything you need to know about writing a winning personal statement:

  • from figuring out what YOU should write about (picking your Best Key Features)
  • to what the common writing mistakes are (that most students make … and subsequently undermine their competitive status)
  • along with being shown alternative writing approaches to help you write cleanly and clearly with meaningful substance
  • and then on to draft writing, from first to Best Shining Draft!

“This sounds amazing!  Can you show me an overview of what I can expect when I join?”

You bet!

The Academy is divided into 3 Main Content Groupings, which are then subdivided into content categories depending on the Grouping.

The Best You PAL Academy Content Areas

Learn what you need to know about:

  • The Path You Travel
    • Your academics, volunteerism, research, work, activism, and more
  • The Picture You Paint
    • Writing your personal statement; understanding how admissions committees review your application and what they learn about you in the process (go below the surface to what they really see); interviewing, and more
  • The Healthcare Professions
    • medicine, dentistry, CAM – Complementary and Alternative Medicine (understanding how CAM is part of the holistic healthcare process), and more

The Best You PAL Academy gets you the expert insight and help you need to:

  • Know what is expected of you
  • Understand why it is expected
  • Make the right choices specifically for you
  • Travel your own unique and meaningful path

So that you can prepare as YOU need to.
So that you can Stand Up, Stand Out, and Shine!
So that YOU can GET IN!!!

“I’m ready to GET IN!!!  How do I join to learn what I need to know to Become The Best Shining Me?!!!”

Easy peasy!!!

Just click here and you’ll be taken directly the membership sign-up page!!!

Mary Kate Kopec · Copyright © 2019. All rights Reserved.

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