How to Write a Compelling Personal Statement for Medical School, Part 1
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How to Write a Compelling Personal Statement for Medical School Content Discovery; The Best You PAL Academy; premed pre-dental advising coaching

It’s that time!!!  Being a competitive applicant when applying to medical or dental school takes having a bright and shiny application package … and beyond your metrics (grades and MCAT/DAT scores), it’s your personal statement that does the talking for you.  So.  What does your personal statement say about you?  Is it as awesome as you are?  Does it showcase you in your best and brightest, shiniest light?  Is it the personal statement that is compelling and persuasive, free from the common writing mistakes that students make all the time – like “preaching to choir” or “throwing shade,” and is it filled with all the substantiating support you need to validate your reasons for wanting to become a doctor, or a dentist?  And for that matter, have you adequately answered the question of why you want to be a doctor beyond the overly simplistic, “Because I want to help people”?

Your personal statement is IMPORTANT for solidifying your chances of getting in.  I’m guessing you’d hate to fill out your AMCAS, AADSAS, or AACOMAS application, thinking “It’s just an application … fill in the blanks … easy peasy,” and submit “your story” not being sure if it’s filled in with all the delicious, wonderful competitive facts about you that your admissions committees need and want to know about you to determine if you are ready … if you are a good fit for their program … if you are a good fit for becoming a healthcare professional with patients whose lives depend on you — I’m guessing you’d hate to do all of this to find out after you submit that NO, you didn’t give them the best you have to show them.  In fact, that would really suck.

I’ve been reading students’ personal statements for over a decade, and I have never had a student bring me a truly competitive, shiny statement on their first try.  Almost always, they’ve failed with even the most basic purpose of the personal statement: to fully answer the question Why do you want to be a doctor?  with persuasive substantiation.  And they go on to further undermine their competitive status by unintentionally filling their statement with common writing mistakes – and I’m not talking about failing to punctuate correctly or misspelling a word (although, those aren’t good either); I’m talking about content-specific logically fallacious writing, things like “putting doctors on pedestals” and “writing with rose colored glasses on” (both of which convey an immature knowledge of what the practice of medicine is all about, and both will undermine your competitive status).  So it’s important for you to have an informed understanding of what the expectations are for you, your personal statement, your application, your secondaries, and your interviews.  Make sure you get the facts, and please, don’t simply rely on Well, so-and-so did such-and-such and s/he got in, so that must be the right way.  There are so many problems wrong with that reasoning … too many to get into in this blog post, but in the following video, I give you explicit explanation as to what your goal is and why.

So, please take a few moments to watch this video and get the information you need to make sure you write a personal statement that is truly reflective of the best you have to offer – that is persuasive and compelling – and that will make sure you Stand Up, Stand Out and Shine!!!

When you get done with this video, if you would like to dig deeper into understanding how to discover the content you really should be writing about, then check out my new webinar workshop:  How to Write the Best Medical School Personal Statement, EVER! Volume 1: Content Discovery.  Click here for more information.

Two more webinar workshops will follow with more information on Common Writing Mistakes (what are they, and how you write withOUT them) and Writing Your Best Shining Draft … meaning, making sure you polish your personal statement until it gleams!

How to Write a Compelling Personal Statement for Medical School Content Discovery; The Best You PAL Academy; premed pre-dental advising coaching

Your personal statement is so very important!  Think about how much time you’ve spent getting to this point.  Don’t stop giving your best!  Get in there and make your future happen!!!  You get this super, amazing opportunity to “talk” directly to your admissions committees … your personal statement is you answering their question, “So, why do you want to be a doctor, and how do you know?” … and they are most definitely paying very close attention to what you have to offer.  So make sure you take this opportunity to really compel them, persuade them, … convince them that you are Ready! That you are the right candidate for their program! And that you are the right person to become a healthcare provider to your future patients!!!

You can do this!

My best wishes to you for your happiness and success!

Big Hugs,

Mary Kate :0)


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