Final exams are done. You did it!!! What’s next?

The Best You PAL Academy Pre-health Academic Life Advising Coaching YOU DID IT!

Congratulations!!!  You did it!!!  You made it through your semester.  Finals and project are done, and you get your first chance to breathe.  You’ve earned your belly bumpin’ high fives and hugs for digging in and getting it done!  So take a moment to hug yourself and smile at your accomplishment – be proud of your hard work and awesome learning, and after a short break, ask yourself, “What can I do now to help me achieve my dream?”

If you are pre-med, pre-dental, or pre-health in any form, there’s always something you can be doing to strengthen your competitive status.  And right now, as Spummer (Spring-Summer) approaches, ask yourself what your next steps are.  If you are a fresh-human or sophomore (or junior or senior not applying this application cycle), then how do you want to spend your time?  Will you be volunteering?  Working?  Traveling?  Researching?  Taking more coursework?  Studying abroad?  Whatever it is, how are you growing and developing into the candidate that will be the one that WOWS and compels?  If you are a junior or senior getting ready to apply, then you should be thinking about your personal statement.  It’s time to get on that … and it’s not as easy as it sounds.  You can check out my webpage about personal statements to learn more.

So take a well earned rest, and as your body and mind rejuve and you find yourself ready to take on your next step, think about what you need to do next so you can become the applicant who stands up, stands out, and shines!!!  :0)

Good job!!!

Big hugs!

Mary Kate :0)

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