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The life of a healthcare professional can be demanding.  And it all starts with the pre-health path.  Whether you are thinking of becoming a doctor or a dentist, the pathway of getting there requires significant time management skills and balance that you will likely always be striving for – what with all the coursework and experiential requirements you need along with all of the subsequently expected growth and development.  At times, like in your future career, it can be exhausting, overwhelming, and even demoralizing.  Which is why you need a support team.  A team that is all about “Go You!!!”

You can choose anyone you want and as many peeps as you want.  But you should think about what you need when you are feeling low.  Do you need hugs?  Inspiration?  Motivation?  Guidance?  Someone who is going to fluff you up?  Or someone is going to give it to you straight?  Or some kind of combination?  Whatever you need to help you cope … those are the people you need to build into your support team.

Your Go YOU team isn’t only about picking you up when you fall down.  They are also there to give you high fives and hugs, and to exclaim with glee, “Look what you did!!!  You’re AWESOME!!!” when you shine gleamingly bright from all your hard work and efforts.

So think about the people in your life.  Family.  Friends.  Classmates.  Coworkers.  Mentors.  Peers.  Advisors.  The human who sits next to you on the bus every Friday.  Doesn’t matter.  Anyone.  Everybody.  And think about how they help you.  And think about whether what you are receiving from them is EVERYTHING you need.  If not, what’s missing?  And who in your team can help?  If no one, then you’re going to have to find some new humans and add them to your team.  Heck, maybe your team even includes pets.  Pet companions give some amazingly unconditional love, and they can be SQUEEtacular huggers and cheerleaders!

With talking about what you can get from them, we must also talk about what you give to them.  I mean, you are choosing a career field that’s all about you helping others.  And functional relationships don’t usually just go one way.  So it would be pretty uncool if all you did was expect support from your team without giving something back.  Love.  Friendship.  Respect.  Kindness.  Gratitude.  This list can go on and on, and really, it can be anything.  Shared popcorn and chit chat after exams.  Hugs when they’re feeling bad or have a great day!  Living up to your potential and being your best self.  Whatever it is.  But you’ve gotta give something back.  Relationships are sharing life, if only for a while, and if only in bits and pieces.

So take a moment to look at the peeps in your life.  Do you have what you need?  If not, what more do you need, and where can you get it from?  Build the relationships you need.  Build the support you need.  And care for the relationships you build.  Many of them will carry on with you from here in your pre-med, pre-dental days on into your medical or dental school days … and even on into your career.  But always, within the life that you share.  Sharing is caring.  And caring is what healthCARE professionals do!

And before I sign off for this post, I just want to add … YOU!  You are the center of your own team!!!  You can be a person you can rely on.  You can be a person who thinks positively.  You can be a person who cares about you and who supports your own efforts.  That may sound ridiculous to say out loud.  Like, Duh, MK.  I know that!  But I can’t tell you how many times I find that my peeps have forgotten this.  Or don’t know it.  They get so caught up in the getting done that they forget themselves in the process.  So … in case you have, hug yourself with this gentle reminder and know that you can do this!!!

Big Hugs and Happiness and Success to you always!

Mary Kate :0)

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