Opportunity can come knocking, but only you can open the door.

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The coolest aspect of your journey is that it is personal – all about you – and you can make it whatever you want it to be!!!  You can choose which opportunities you take or make, and you choose what awesomeness you take away from them.  If you are currently a fresh-human or sophomore, then your likely foci are figuring out who you want to be, your coursework, and getting experiences that will help you discover who you are and/or develop the skills, personal attributes, lessons learned, and values you need to build yourself into the candidate you need to be so you can become competitive and get in.  If you are a junior or senior who is getting ready to apply to your healthcare schools of choice, then your foci are likely rounding out your experiences, your coursework, taking your standardized test, writing your personal statement, and gearing up for the application season.  Wherever you are in your pre-med/pre-dental/pre-health/life-self-career journey, new opportunities present themselves to you around every corner – be it a new shadowing experience, figuring out how to write the best personal statement, or practicing up for your interviews … to name a few.  And each and every opportunity is a golden, shiny nugget of becoming the best shining you and for you to stand up, stand out, and shine!

You gain personal attributes and skills that define who you are and what you have to offer.  You learn lessons that will guide your thinking, and you develop and embody values that serve as your moral compass.  You learn what you like and what you don’t.  You figure out who you are, and you share that with others.  Maybe even through helping others in ways that are meaningful to you.

When you work for others, mentors and/or superiors learn about you, guide you, teach you, train you, … etc., and they are the ones in the position to assess your growth and abilities, such that they can write glowing, gushing, glorious letters of recommendation or evaluation about you for others in support of your fitness!

All in all, every opportunity is a something … a something you can learn, do, … share.  When you choose to actively engage those somethings, each one builds you up into you being more than the sum of your parts.  You develop and you grow.  The more you care about your experiences, the more you wholeheartedly involve yourself, the more you do you your best, the more you try new things, … the more, … the more that turns into quality.  And quality is what you want and need to become to build yourself into a competitive applicant … in whatever it is you choose to do.  If that something is healthcare, then that quality is the difference between getting into your healthcare school of choice and moving forward toward your future patients.  And that is you making the most of your opportunities and turning them into what you need, so you can become the you that you want to be!  And that is AWESOME SAUCE!!!

Love your experiences!  Make the most of each of your opportunities!  Grow!  Learn!  Appreciate and love you!!!  And make room for the life you are looking for, because you can make it come true!!!

Big Hugs and Happy Success, always!

Mary Kate :0)

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