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As the semester races toward winter break, stress levels can rise.  Final exams, projects, and papers can really start to loom large.  Time and stress management get harder and harder, and often, the first things to go are needed hours of sleep and nutritious food.  We go into command and conquer mode, determined to study hard and do well, leaving most everything else behind.  But the mental and physical fatigue register as stress, and stress weakens our immune systems, and next thing you know, you’re sick and more overwhelmed than before.  And when all of this happens, your ability to learn and perform understandably drop, and in worst case scenario, your grades drop, too.  And that sucks!

When you are planning to apply to medical or dental school (or any healthcare school), you can’t afford to let this happen to you.  Your academic record will speak toward your aptitude as well as your time and stress management skills when you apply, among other things.  And if you have a semester where things get rough, you’ll have to explain what happened in your application process – notably, your personal statement.  Even still, in comparison to other candidates whose records remain untarnished and academically competitive, your competitive status can be diminished.

And you don’t want that.  Not if you can help it.  And you can.  There are coping strategies and things you can do.  You want to be able to take care of yourself now, so you can take care of others in the future!

To help you out, I’ve put together this stress management/coping strategy SQUEEbie FREEbie just for you!!!

It’s an easy-to-do-and-use relaxation and positive thinking kind of thing, and IT WORKS!!!  I’ve made it into a quickie downloadable print file for your ease and convenience.  What have you got to lose?  Give it a try!!!  It can work for you, too!!!  And when it does, your future will thank you!!!

Click here or on the image to get the download link!

Success Strategies for Pre-Med Pre-Dent Pre-Health Students The Best You PAL Academy

Know that you can do this!!!  You’re almost done.  Just a bit more, then Thanksgiving break, then the deep, hard, fast dive … and then, done!!!  Off until January!!!  SQUEE!!!


Best wishes for your healthiness, happiness, and uber success this semester!!!

Big Hugs,

Mary Kate  :0)


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