Fall Break is Almost Here: YOU CAN DO THIS!

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As the semester races toward Thanksgiving, tests, papers, and projects are oftentimes building up.  Make sure to pace yourself.  Plan your time to allow yourself the time you need to study and prepare, and when you can, make sure to eat well (lots of high value proteins, carbs, essential fatty acids, and fiber … and if you eat eggs, remember that eggs have the rare and uber beneficial nutrient choline that is so important for your brain, and so good for test days!), stay hydrated, and rest when you can.  When the pressure builds up, take a few moments to stretch and breathe.  Give yourself little rests of relaxation, as they really do help!  Know that You Can Do This!  And before you know it, you’ll be nom nomming on your favorite Thanksgiving meal and getting a much needed break! Yay!!!

So take a deep breath, buckle down, and dig in.  Power nap.  Hug yourself.  And know that you can do this!!!

I believe in you and your success!!!

Big Hugs,

Mary Kate :0)

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