Happiness and Success get some COLORitude!

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What color brightens your happiness and success?  I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that my signature color is PINK!  And I have PINKitude beaming out of me with every smile and SQUEE!  But the rainbow is vast and beautiful, and you may not think pink is all that great; you might not even like pink … Gasp! … I forgive you!  :0)  But I do feel it is important to have a color … one that makes you feel happiness when you see it … one that you associate to your inner and outer SQUEE, and I am celebrating every color in the rainbow with my new COLORitude series especially designed for you, my Health Loving SQUEE-Peeps!  Each COLORitude comes with happy words of success, encouragement, and positive attitude, and you (Academy members) can find them in our Facebook success group: The Best You PAL Academy Health Loving SQUEE Peeps.

So now in addition to all the other success supporting awesomeness you can get in our FB Health Loving SQUEE Peeps success group (things like weekly free direct access to me in my ASK ME ANYTHING posts; notification of new videos [advising, counseling, mentoring, education, books, booklets, audiobooks]; Belly Bumpin’ High Fives for reported Successes; and Big Hugs for hard days; along with all the support of your like-minded, success-driven co-members), now you get AWESOME SAUCE COLORitude to go with it!!!

If you haven’t joined our FB success support group, send a JOIN request, and once your membership is verified, you’ll be all signed up to receive all the goodness that is happiness and success and friendly, wonderful, kind, giving support!!!

Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

Big Hugs and my most shiny wishes for your happiness and success, always!!!

Mary Kate

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