I Should Start Writing My Personal Statement When???  You’ve got to be kidding me.

I Should Start Writing My Personal Statement When???
You’ve got to be kidding me.

Your Personal Statement is Your Big Chance to share your story, to compel and persuade, to show your admissions committees you are the right candidate for them

If you are planning to engage the application cycle for medical or dental school at the end of this academic year and you want to apply as early as possible (as in the minute the application goes live so that you can get a jump on the rolling admissions process), then I recommend you begin the reflective process for writing your personal statement no later than January/February.  I know this sounds early, but in my experience, most students are surprised to find how much prep work and reflection goes into writing their personal statements.  They generally think it’s just a one page paper extolling their awesomeness and commitment to the profession.  So, how hard can it be, really?

Well, the hard starts with wondering what exactly to write about and how to write it, gets harder with figuring out an attention grabbing first line, and then by the time you throw in the need to introspectively and reflectively show and share Why you are passionate about becoming said healthcare professional, the tensions mount, and the timeliness of your application starts slipping away.  And that’s not even mentioning all the common content writing mistakes that students make – thinking they are killing it, when really they are undermining their competitive status – and then the time it takes for rewrites and revisions.  Next thing you know, June is a faint memory and panic starts to set in as August approaches.

So back to January/February.  It may sound early, but you’re likely prepping for the MCATs or DATs, while taking a full-time course load, managing your volunteerism/research/clinical-patient-experience opportunities, etc … You. Are. Busy. As. Hell.  And taking the time out you need to reflect seems impossible.  But it’s not.  You can find the time.  You carve it out during that 20 minute incubation time in the lab, and the 15 minutes while you wait for your pizza to bake, the half hour you spend running, … you make the time often and over the months leading up to the launch of the application/admissions season. You learn what you need to about you and the process, and you write it all down.  You take notes.  Lots of reflective, self-understanding, all-about-you and your experiences and your journey notes.  You put your reasons, explanations, and reflections into order, and you prepare to show and share them with your admissions committees.  It’s not a bad idea to even start now.

Arguably speaking, given the weight the personal statement tends to bear on whether you get an invite for an interview or not, you want to make sure your personal statement is truly spectacular and is truly reflective of the merits you have to share with your future patients and your future healthcare profession school.

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