Five Habits of a Successful Pre-Health Candidate Every Fresh-human & Sophomore Need to Know!

5 habits of a successful pre-health candidate

As the new school year gets underway, let’s help you start off on the right foot!  These straightforward tips are words to live by as you develop into a future healthcare provider!

Often engage experiences that help you:

  1. understand and care about health
  2. develop people skills every chance you get
  3. become a reliable and effective team worker
  4. become a leader who can elicit the best from people
  5. become a fantastic, critically-thinking problem solver

If you start with these habits and build upon them as you go, when the time comes to apply to the healthcare school of your choice, you will have developed key personal attributes that medical schools, dental schools, and the other healthcare professional schools desire in the candidates they choose to train.  These personal attributes help you be the person you need to be for your future patients!  These personal attributes will help you Stand Up, Stand Out, and Shine!

Best wishes to you as you dig in deep to your new year of education and experiences!!!  Have fun and Learn Lots!!!

Mary Kate  :0)

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