From Mary Kate’s Bookshelf: Resilience Thinking


Resilience Thinking by Brian Walker, PhD, and David Salt.

Pre-med, Pre-dent, Pre-Health … Life, Health, Well-being, Nature, the World.  This book is for you!

If you are thinking about becoming a doctor, dentist, or any healthcare provider, then understanding that the body is a complex system we don’t yet fully understand is a vital first step to understanding some of the limitations we face in the practice of healthcare.  Applying the ideas presented in this book to your understanding of heath and healthcare can offer you an expanded insight that will most certainly only help you in helping your future patients.

Resilience thinking addresses resiliency, especially in our environment, but as a whole, in systems.  As humans are biological systems, resiliency is key in survival.  Additionally, the world around us is our system of survivability.  Reasonably speaking, the world (or our living environment) can live without us, but we can’t live without it.  The concepts of optimization and efficiency have become ubiquitously expressed, but for all their good intent, they can be harmful beyond measure when not fully well thought out to their end conclusion.  Often, optimization and efficiency are applied to complex systems that are not fully understood.  This can result in significant damage to the system, undermining its resiliency.  This isn’t good for us, our health, or our world.

I was introduced to this book in grad school, and it was an instant favorite of mine.  It’s a straightforward, easy to comprehend read.  Well-written.  Well-thought out.  Well-presented.  Well worth your time.


Mary Kate

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