What is the Holistic Review Process for Medical and Dental School Applications?

holistic review process for medical and dental school The Best You PAL Academy

If you are applying to medical, dental, or other healthcare school this application season, you might be wondering just what in the world the holistic review process is and how it affects you.  Well, let’s take a look at the picture of rocks above.  Which rock do you like?  Which one or ones would you pick?  Why?  What are your criteria for choosing?

I’d pick a few.  Do you see the heart shaped tan one in the upper right hand corner?  (I love hearts!)  And the oval peach-tannish one near 9 o’clock?  (It looks like a fun, happy egg, and I love happy looking rocks!)  And the speckled one with orange flecks just a few rocks above it?  (A speckled rock???  How fun!  I love fun.)  And how about the “raspberry” rock near the bottom left corner.  (Raspberry rocks are some of my favorites, always!!!)  To start, these would be the ones I’d pick.  For me, they stand out in the crowd.  They are special.  They make me happy.

Medical, dental, and the other healthcare schools will do the same thing.  They will take a look at your whole package.  Your application, your test scores, your GPAs, your experiences, letters of evaluation, and your personal statement, and your interview, and they will compare your whole package to who they are, what they have to offer, what you show them you have to offer, their mission, and the class they are building so far with all the other students they’ve chosen … and compared to all these factors, they will decide if you are the right fit for them and your future patients (in their minds).

They can use the holistic review process to determine if you get an interview as well as to determine if they want to offer you a seat in their upcoming class.  So can and does the holistic review process impact you?  You bet!  Should you keep this in mind when deciding on which schools to apply to?  Absolutely!!!

For more on the holistic review process and how it impacts how you should approach your application, consider the following The Best You PAL Academy courses:

How to Apply to Medical School…And Actually Get In! is available through Amazon (in ebook and print) as well as available as part of your membership to the Academy (in easy to read video book).

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“What is the Holistic Review Process” is a video advising session and closer look at how this process by which healthcare schools select their candidates affects your competitive status, and how understanding this process and employing it wisely can help improve your competitive status.

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“Medical Schools … So Many Choices” is a video advising session walking you through the insight you need to know to make good choices when selecting the schools you will apply to.

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For more information about how the Academy can help you Become the Best Shining You, so you can Stand Up, Stand Out, and Shine … and Get In! click here.

I wish you the best this application season!!!  Think positively!!!  And show them what you’ve got!!!

Happy Hugs,

Mary Kate

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