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Becoming a healthcare professional – depending on the field you choose – can be a long, uphill climb of preparation and work, but if you’ve chosen the path that’s right for you, then every moment of your climb is worth it.  The good days.  The hard days.  The days that make you laugh.  The days that make you cry.  …The days that remind you why you are doing what you are doing!

When you are climbing the right path for you, you are climbing the right path for your future patients and co-healthcare-workers!  And your chances of achieving the happiness and success you desire are monumentally increased!  And that’s good news all around!!!

Learn all that you can about yourself.  Your likes.  Your dislikes.  Your natural talents, interests, and aptitudes.  Understand what is hard for you and why it’s hard.  The same goes for what you find easy.  And then ask yourself how these easy and hard things influence and/or affect how you work, live, and react to the world around you.  What do you value?  Who do you care about?  What kind of lifestyle and life do you envision for yourself?  Who do you hope to become in spirit and character, personally and professionally?  The more you know and understand about yourself, the better choices you’ll be able to make on your behalf.  The better choices you’ll be able to make to secure your happiness and success!

If you haven’t yet had a chance to take the course “Making Good Choices” found in the Personal (Pink) category under The Path You Travel main course grouping, this is an excellent opportunity to learn how to help yourself find the right path for you!!!

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Also, if you’re thinking your path is supposed to be a straightforward, linear kind of thing and it’s not turning out that way … and that’s kind of freaking you out … Check out my story!  My path was far from straight … but it’s gotten me here … and I love being here with you!!!  Give my story a read.  It’s very heartening!!!

Think happy, positive thoughts!  Take a moment to smile … just smile big!  Smile just for yourself and congratulate yourself on something you’ve accomplished today.  You ate healthy.  You got a good night sleep.  You held the door open for someone.  You said something kind to a friend in need.  You were nice to someone you don’t know.  You helped someone.  You did well on an exam.  You drank your 8 glasses of water.  … It can be anything.  But remind yourself of the good you do and smile!!!  It will help you feel good and cope with any stress you might be feeling — and if you share your smile, you’ll help someone else to feel good, too.  :0)

Know that you can achieve your dreams!!!

And if you’re not a member of The Best You PAL Academy already, let me and my Pre-Health Academic Life advising academy help you become the success you desire!  Learn more about the Academy here!

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!!!

Big Hugs,

Mary Kate

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